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Cheap London escorts - sexual positions is an important element of the art of loving. There is no doubt that properly selected items have cheap London escorts sex much easier to achieve a successful sex life. The most popular item is the position of a cheap London escorts love classical, which allows you to fully enjoy the mutual closeness. However, many couples looking to spice up your sex life decides to try bolder and more stimulating positions. Which sexual positions you can make an unearthly bliss?

Cheap London escorts - Position classical and other sex items:

Most often practiced is the classic position. It allows you to donate to the deep intimacy and closeness are encouraged to keep a permanent eye contact and kissing. On the other hand, when the position of classical rarely ranks at the top of the list of favorite items in polls. Why this paradox? The reasons can be many. Perhaps the cheap London escorts partner wants something more exciting than the classic position, but seeing that the othercheap London escorts person loves it even does not propose variety. But other items love may have some advantages over classical, for example because they allow CHEAP LONDON ESCORTS women to be more active players in the bed.

Cheap London escorts - Sexual positions from the Kama Sutra:

With various sexual positions couples can break away from the routine and look for thrills. Each cheap London escorts item love this other visual impressions, different angle and depth of penetration. Their number is basically unlimited, because each pair you can find these perfect for each other. Just let your imagination run wild and forget for a moment what this embarrassment and shame.

Cheap London escorts - Position 1. On sitting:

It's one of the best positions for cheap London escorts women because intensively stimulates the front wall of the vagina, or the G-spot, which is often the key to the coveted cheap London escorts orgasm. The man lies down on the bed. A cheap London escorts woman sits with legs bent at the partner, her feet resting on the bed and his hands on his knees cheap London escorts partner. The faces are facing each other.

Cheap London escorts - Position 2. Reverse:

The man lies on the bed. The woman turns to a cheap London escorts partner and sits on it. She is the dominant party and decide on the relative intensity. Man can stimulate female buttocks and back. Positions love from the rear make the art of loving take on a new dimension.

Cheap London escorts - Position 3. In-depth:

The woman lies down on the bed and puts the thigh as close to your chest. A man kneels next partner, is based feet of a cheap London escorts woman on his neck and becomes a dominant person. This item Sexual gives you deep penetration and intense G-spot stimulation

Cheap London escorts - Item 4. From the back:

A woman sits on a table, desk or washing machine and opens her thighs. Man gets as close to a cheap London escorts woman, grabs her by the waist and controls voluntary movement. Partner may also sit on the bed, then he will be on his knees between her thighs.

Cheap London escorts - Item 5. Backwards on a chair:

He sits down on a chair, armchair or couch. Reverse cheap London escorts woman sits on his knees, his back touching his chest. Woman sets a pace, while the man fondles breasts and clitoris women.

Cheap London escorts - Position 6. On standing:

Both face each other. The man rests against the wall, a cheap London escorts woman assumes her one leg to his hip. This time he decides the pace. Position requires resistance Fair physical condition.

Cheap London escorts - Item 7. On the wheelbarrow:

This item preferences also requires a good physical condition, but the pleasure that can be achieved in this way is worth the sacrifice. A pair of kneeling, the man is behind the inverted woman resting on hands. Then the man raises the cheap London escorts woman's hips and legs up.

Cheap London escorts - Item 8. Candle:

Partner kneels on the floor or bed, it is assumed on your shoulders straight legs lying face him, a cheap London escorts woman and grabs her by the knees. Position gives you a very deep penetration.

Cheap London escorts - Item 9. Spider:

They both face each face. The cheap London escorts woman assumes her parted thighs on her parted thighs and your partner is coming to him. Her hands rest on the back of the bed, serving as a support helps to perform movements leading to a common pleasure.

Cheap London escorts - Item 10. On the pillow:

Cheap London escorts  partner slips a pillow under your buttocks, which makes her hips are more pushed toward the man. With the woman has a greater ability to control all the action, which resonates with her and partner. The above-described sexual positions is a way to whet your appetite for sex and avoiding routine in bed. They will derive maximum pleasure and improve the quality of sexual life. Mastered to perfection art kochaniamoże have a positive impact on every sphere of life.


Cheap escort London - Doggy style position:

Cheap escort London - doggy style sex position is one in which a man kneels behind the cheap escort London woman and makes penetration. It enables a strong stimulation of the anterior vaginal wall and fondling an erogenous places on a cheap escort London woman's body, they are breasts. Doggy style position allows you to have sex in different variations, because it allows partners to experiment. However, if the member is too large, it may happen that sex in the doggy style position he gives the cheap escort London woman the pain and to take all the pleasure of the sexual act. In addition, many cheap escort London partners of this item is associated with a very strong male dominance, so before you begin to practice it, it is good to consider all the pros and cons, which speak for sexual intercourse in that position.

Cheap escort London - Characteristics doggy style position:

Sexual position doggy style position is called differently, the knee-ulna. This is due to the fact that during sex CHEAP ESCORT LONDON partner in this position kneeling on all fours and supports your body such as elbows. Of bed or a chair. In another variant of this position, the cheap escort London woman can be stretched hands or prop his elbows. Sex doggy style position can also be cultivated if your cheap escort London partner pulls the legs gently under breast, and the whole arms puts on the floor. Then buttocks cheap escort London women are strongly the disconnected, allowing the man-depth penetration. The man kneels down for a partner, and has the main activity during sexual intercourse. Yet another variant of this position provides that a cheap escort London woman can raise one leg and eg. Base it on the couch. This provides incredible visual sensations man. Position on the dog (the dog) could theoretically provide greater pleasure for a man than for a woman, but also multiple partners proposes that position due to its positive experience with this type of flowing bodies laying cheap escort London partners.

Cheap escort London - Advantages and disadvantages position on the dog:

Items in sex have their pros and cons. Similarly, the position on the dog. Its main advantages are:

• doggy style position allows the man to free movements of the hands, which can caress various points on the body cheap escort London partner;

• cheap escort London female sexual arousal it may be compounded by another stimulation her most erogenous places;

• intensification of sensations of a man by watching his cheap escort London partner with exposed buttocks. Having sex in the doggy style position involves, unfortunately, with some negatives, which include:

• lack of eye contact and inability cheap escort London partners kissing each other during intercourse;

• The dominant position of the man, which can be seen as subordinating cheap escort London women;

• the possibility of abrasions elbows and knees on the rough surface.

Cheap escort London - more about Kamasutra:

Although the Kama Sutra indicates a specific sexual positions and techniques, such as. Doggy style position, you should regard them as general guidelines, not as specific guidance on sex life. Positions love to be adapted to individual needs and expectations of both cheap escort London partners. Being aware of the sexual union allows experiencing the successive phases of ecstasy. Hasty, hardly aware of and brief sex, gives only a partial joy. Intercourse more aware of, while remembering about your breath, dosing state of excitement so that it is in our balance, allows for a much longer sexual relations.


Cheap London escort - Position on "teaspoon":

Cheap London escort - position teaspoon is designed for couples who are intimate cheap London escort relationships based on proximity and discovering their own needs. It is the most common sexual position on the side. This type of positions to have sex is a little effort and a lot of satisfaction. Such a position of love is very casual and comfortable, gives the ability to practice for a long time without loss of strength and relative comfort. The "spoon" is also recommended for cheap London escort people who are expecting a child. Such sexual activity is safe position in pregnancy because they do not oppress the belly of the mother.

Cheap London escort - What is the position on a spoon?

Properly selected items sex are a guarantee of success in bed. Some cheap London escort partners may differ in body composition (eg. A man can be very high relative to the mistress). In such cases, the positions of love may seem inappropriate to weight loss. During sex position "on teaspoon",cheap London escort partners can enjoy sex. Partner is a woman on the side, and the introduction member is held from behind. The woman is slightly tilted her head back, both have complex and slightly podkulone feet. The CHEAP LONDON ESCORT woman presses on the penis and thus feels it more intensely. Only a man performs movements and determines the course of rapprochement. Cheap London escort woman lying straight. Partners have little movement and room for maneuver, but thanks to the free hands can touch. A woman can strive for pleasure or direct hands of a cheap London escort partner in such a way as to achieve orgasm. When men lose energy and strength to carry out further moves, then the cheap London escort woman has an opportunity to show his face, radiate delight and take the initiative. May be anal penetration or vaginal.

Cheap London escort - Advantages and disadvantages of position on a spoon:

Position "on teaspoon" is recommended to those who seek to special approximation from behind. It is suitable for couples who can not afford to extreme sexual positions at home. Sometimes you do not have adequate beds or have small children - there are many factors that can disturb by savoring zoom. Position teaspoon is a very quiet position, so sexual intercourse will not be heard for the environment. It is recommended also to people who are expecting a child. During intercourse there is no pressure on the pregnant cheap London escort woman by a man. However, it is recommended to couples where the man has a very large penis. It is the position of friendly cheap London escort woman because the man did not suffocating her with their weight. Position love also allows women hip movements, when your cheap London escort partner gets tired. It is a very relaxed and comfortable position of love, which gives great comfort. Cheap London escort partner is not forced to rely on my hands, so I do not feel very tired. Man, when approximation, has the ability to simultaneously caress a cheap London escort woman, without losing energy. Besides this kind of sex positions conducive to extended approximation and enjoy the proximity of body. Position on a spoon, like other kinds of sexual positions, has its pros and cons. Position teaspoon is a guarantee of a perfect sexual life, provided that the partners will choose the right moment. If you want to feel sexual pleasure, but also experience the closeness with a cheap London escort partner, spoon position is right for you.


Cheap escorts London - Item 69:

Cheap escorts London - item 69 took its name from the arrangement of the bodies of the cheap escorts London partners, which resemble positions during the Arab figures 6 and 9. Item 69 is one of the techniques of oral sex, which allows cheap escorts London partners to simultaneously fondling their genitals. Ideal for foreplay. Many cheap escorts London people love sex in this position because she is engaged at the same time both lovers, becoming a source of excitement. In the classical position 69, cheap escorts London partner lying on your partner so that her genitals were close to the man's face and allowed him to their stimulation of the mouth and tongue.

Cheap escorts London - Oral sex techniques:

Oral sex (oral sex) is a type of relationship that works by stimulating the genitals of a man and a CHEAP ESCORTS LONDON woman using a tongue and mouth. Basic techniques of oral sex are:

• fellatio - stimulation of male genitals using the mouth and tongue, usually a cheap escorts London woman fondles not only the penis and scrotum but also the stimulation most often takes the shape of suction, licking, kissing and placed in the mouth, but it is also possible to penetrate the mouth and traversing head back and forth, which is defined as irrumatio;

• cunnilingus - the position of love, in which the stimulation of cheap escorts London female genitals, especially the clitoris, although very often practiced to stimulate the labia and the entrance to the vagina.

69 position combines both fellatio and cunnilingus. Cheap escorts London partner is placed at a height of male genitals (her head is toward the feet of the man) so that her genitals were close to the man's face. It can encompass a cheap escorts London woman in the hips or buttocks. If the partners agree to it, the partner can lick vagina not only cheap escorts London women, but also her anus by doing so - annilingus.

Cheap escorts London - Types position 69:

69, like other forms of sexual positions, can be grown in several variants. They differ in degree of difficulty, and some of them require considerable physical fitness:

• kneeling 69 - it is a position of love, which requires high efficiency and upper body strength cheap escorts London partner; man with slightly parted thighs kneels on the floor, the woman slips her head between her legs cheap escorts London partner, and charge her legs around his neck, arms includes man's back;

• Standing 69 - is the most difficult technique of oral sex from position 69, which requires a cheap escorts London partner extraordinary strength and gentleness; It is indicated for couples where the woman is petite and slim, and the man strong and well-built; 69 standing cheap escorts London partner starts from a sitting position and then stands up and maintain an upright posture, the woman's thighs neck fee cheap escorts London partner;

• Sitting 69 - man sits on the bed and opens her thighs, to facilitate cheap escorts London women access to their places of intimate partner in turn relaxes legs around his neck partner; It requires from a partner extraordinary upper body strength;

• Side 69 - the above mentioned sexual positions in the love of the French are relatively difficult and require considerable physical fitness cheap escorts London partners, and the side position 69 can fully unwind and relax; Lovers lie on his side, heads repay the opposite directions, their faces toward each other, and their legs are so parted that bared genitals; It is also good when a cheap escorts London woman rests her head on his thigh partner lying flat.

Items in oral sex should be changed to allow cheap escorts London partners spice sex life.


Escorts in London - Position on the rider:

Escorts in London - there are many sexual positions intended for couples in which the escorts in London woman likes to dominate and lacks imagination in bed. These positions amorous, where the escorts in Londonwoman is on top, allow it to control the pace and technique of intercourse, as well as the penetration depth and manner, and in addition to men's sexual fantasies often refer to this kind of intercourse. The position on the rider position on it differently Cowgirl, due to the fact that such positions allow love to a escorts in London woman, "rode a man", sitting astride him. There are several different types of items for the rider.

Escorts in London - Types of sexual positions on the rider:

Overall, the position of a rider lies in the fact that the escorts in Londonwoman sitting on the man. It may bounce slightly during intercourse, move your hips from side to side or back and forth. Like most amorous position, the position of a rider has some variations that can be used depending on your preferences partners:

• position on the rider, where a escorts in London woman sits in front, and the man lies; • position on the rider, where a escorts in London woman sits with his back, and the man lies; • position on the rider, where a escorts in London woman sits in front, and the man sitting or propped his elbows (that love position on a chair or in bed); • position on the rider, where a escorts in London woman lying face up on the man.

Kamasutra draws attention to the fact that both partners drew pleasure from intercourse. Each pair has their favorite items and types of caresses. There is no Kama Sutra they need to come together to enjoy their closeness. Experiments with new items, however, may be such a novelty for them that diversify ESCORTS IN LONDON sex life and make adjustments to it an additional element of excitement.

Escorts in London - Advantages and disadvantages position on the rider:

Position on the rider, regardless of their variety, this option usually liked by men due to the fact that most have good eyesight. While this type of intercourse can they enjoy catching a escorts in London woman's body in motion. These positions amorous, where a woman is the dominant party, allow for intercourse when a man is tired, and the woman has the energy for common frolic. Moreover, these kinds of sexual positions where the partners are to each other in front, allow them to make eye contact. This is very important, especially at the beginning of intercourse, because it allows the observation of facial expressions escorts in London partner and his or her reaction to the caress. Sexual position for the rider in a variation where a escorts in London woman lying face up on a man, it is all "cowboy" position most comfortable for the escorts in London partner, because it relieves the legs bent at the knees. This position also increases the depth of penetration of the vagina. It is very important to be selected by the partners sexual positions correspond to both of them. The dominant man can not appreciate the advantages of such a position - mainly because its dominant role in bed seems to be at stake. The habit also plays an important role. Escorts in London partners, who have been in love with the same position, they may be reluctant to something new. The situation is further complicated if the partners do not talk to each other about their lives and their intimate needs. Experimenting in bed is not for everyone: a shy escorts in London woman can not feel comfortable and sexy enough to fully enjoy sex. Attempts to break up and overcome their complexes in the bedroom may be successful or on the contrary - to turn pleasure into a difficult situation for a escorts in London woman. Such negative association may even cause problems with intercourse.

Escorts in London - Sex for Beginners - Erotic fun for couples oral sex:

Oral sex, or oral sex is a way for a very exciting foreplay, but it can also be regarded as sufficient to both partners form of giving yourself pleasure. There we have three of the best erotic fun for couples:

• caress the clitoris escorts in London partner - man by hand, lips, tongue caresses the vulva and clitoris partner. Most often selected a comfortable position for both of them - a woman lying on her back with her legs spread wide, and the man lying between her legs.

• Piestany penis escorts in London partner - it's very exciting for a man caressing form. A man can become, and the woman kneel before him, lips and hands caressing his penis and testicles. You can also try lying down position when your partner leans over the fallen partner and fondles his penis.

• Item 69 - This item simultaneously satisfying both - they caress the escorts in London partner's genitals mouth at the same time. 69 is a position that you can try on your side or when one escorts in London partner lying on his back, the other leans over it or over it - ESCORTS IN LONDON.


Escort in London - Sexual Positions for Beginners women:

Escort in London - sexual positions do not require a woman of experience, special skills and condition are:

• missionary position - it really is the most straightforward position for bothescort in London partners. It consists in the fact that the woman lying on her back, puts himself under the buttocks a little cushion and spread your legs wide. During penetration escort in London lovers can cuddle, kiss and caress, which is a big advantage of this position in sex. An escort in Londonwoman may cover her lover thighs. This position allows the an escort in London partners to a lot of closeness - and perhaps because it is the most popular for sexual position.

• Position at the dog - this sexual position is very stimulating for ESCORT IN LONDON women, provided that the man knows what he's doing. The escort in London woman, kneeling leans forward and rests on the hands, and the man penetrates her from behind.

• Position on a spoon - it's one of the best positions for beginners. This allows for a bit lazy love, and also allows a man fondling ass, chest and back mistress. Both escort in London partners lie on their backs, face in the same direction, head tilted freely backwards, legs folded. Penetration takes place from the back. May be anal penetration or vaginal. In this position, the clitoris is rubbed strongly, as an escort in London woman gives a remarkable sense of satisfaction, a man very excited.

Escort in London - Sexual Positions for Beginners men:

Sexual Positions ideal for a man who does not have much experience in these pleasures are:

• The position of sitting down - this sexual position, while the escort in London partner sits, and sits on his lap facing him, his partner.

• Position cowgirl - is a position where an escort in London woman "rideth" the man lying beneath it.

• Position cowgirl from the back - the position similar to the classic "cowboy", but this time the escort in London woman sitting on the man back to him. This item preferences for beginners gives a lot of satisfaction to both partners. Men love both "cowboy" items - probably due to the unforgettable view of what they have in front of you. Escort in London women, in turn, appreciate the complete freedom to choose the pace.

Escort in London - beginning:

These positions for beginners is only the beginning of your common explore the possibilities of your bodies. Do not be afraid to experiment in bed and try a position that tells you your imagination. But always remember this, to make sure that the selected item corresponds sexual partner or escort in London partner.


Cheapest London escorts - Position elephant:

Cheapest London escorts - position elephant is an alternative to the classical position. It helps not only to preserve the closeness of bodies, but also do not have to bother much with her. This item Love "from behind", which can be used in bed. It is a sexual position Kamasutra, which can complement position on the spoon. The cheapest London escorts woman in this position has limited movements, sexual activity falls on the shoulders of a man. This item cheapest London escorts sex is appropriate for couples who do not have adequate physical condition and energy to more elaborate sexual fantasies.

Cheapest London escorts - What is the position on an elephant?

Many couples looking for myself appropriate sexual positions. But before you decide to select an item for the evening, they should be prepared. They can not skip the foreplay and the right mood. Intense sexual contact is the basis of a satisfactory sex life and sexual well-chosen position guarantees a spectacular success. Position elephant is for cheapest London escortspartners who appreciate the convenience and does not necessarily have a physical condition. Of course, couples engage in sports also can take inspiration from this position of love. To properly arrange the body, start with the configuration "doggy style". A cheapest London escorts woman should lie down on a flat surface, and the man should cover her body. Cheapest London escorts partner can leave your feet slightly extended and tighten firmly thigh. Man must at this time to resist the weight of his body on the elbows and shoulders to too much not to burden cheapest London escorts women.

Cheapest London escorts - Position on the elephant:

Position on the elephant is similar to the position from behind, and both partners lie on the bed. The man then enters the penis into the vagina and at the same time can caress the body cheapest London escorts partner. Appropriate behavior can encourage both to be more active. This item Sexual easily be moved from the position on the spoon. The cheapest London escorts woman is subordinated to the guy, he feels his closeness and strength.

Cheapest London escorts - Advantages and disadvantages of position on the elephant:

Position love is perfect for couples who want to shaping the closeness and tenderness. For this position there is no limit to the growth and body composition lovers. Due to the intensity of rubbing the buttocks cheapest London escorts partners, the position of the elephant seems to be completely different than all of them. Unfortunately, like any other position, it also has drawbacks - very fat man can restrict breathing calm and steady cheapest London escorts partner.

Cheapest London escorts - dominance over each other:

Partner is subordinate to the man, he feels his dominance over each other. Besides, for cheapest London escorts women, submission to the will of a lover can cause unusual delight. Thanks to the intensive rubbing buttocks for a CHEAPEST LONDON ESCORTS partner, the position is original and liked by partners. The woman crushed body of a man is subject to his will. Kamasutra positions, in this case, "the position of an elephant" - is convenient for many couples because of their small requirements with regard to the condition of both cheapest London escorts partners.


Cheapest escort London - Position Goddess:

Cheapest escort London - position goddess highlights the huge role awareness of their own sexuality also on the spiritual plane. Such sexual activity allows a cheapest escort London woman to feel like a real goddess, because it is responsible for as approximation and can realize their sexual fantasies. Cheapest escort London partner is by far the dominant party that fully regulates sensations. This is a sexual position very romantic, romantic. Ability to cuddle eye contact partners and make this position very original and unusual.

Cheapest escort London - What is the position of the goddess?

Doing position of the goddess, so it is extremely important. erotic magnetism, namely the mutual attraction of cheapest escort London lovers. Before you start loving approximation should begin foreplay, which should also precede any sexual intercourse. To spice close-up, we take care of the mood, music and prepare in advance a romantic dinner. Very important is also suitable atmosphere, which is conducive candlelight, shared bath sexy body massage. When the cheapest escort London lovers are already thirsty for each other, they can try a new, unusual position. If a cheapest escort woman is the dominant party in the relationship, may prove its leadership in sex. Position goddess is the perfect way to have sex when your partner's love decides on the course of rapprochement. Position sexual goddess is similar to the position of a rider, but in this kind of position a man must be stronger and more determined, because bears the entire weight of the body mistress. Cheapest escort partner sits down with legs bent slightly at the knees, which should be based on the wall or the bed. Cheapest escort London partner sits on the man, inserting his member into the vagina - thereby determines the course of a sexual encounter. Position the goddess of love is the perfect position for passionate cheapest London escort lovers who love to be close and kiss. During sex partners face each face, watching each other's eyes and see them as erotic magnetism of the meeting - CHEAPEST ESCORT LONDON.

Cheapest escort London - Advantages and disadvantages of the goddess positions:

This is a great item for cheapest London escort women who like to decide on the course of love approximation. Besides it characterized by unusual sensations erotic for both lovers who all the time look at each other. Position goddess is the least tiring position for a cheapest London escort partner when she is party to an active sexual intercourse. Cheapest London escort partner has the opportunity to build on the shoulders of partner support on his lap. Cheapest London escort lover decides when and depth of input into the sheath member. This type of sex positions are full of passion, designed more to delight in each other. If a man is strong, the position in general it does not get tired and give him the opportunity to watch the curves of a cheapest London escort woman. Goddess of sexual positions allow kissing, as well as a strong penetration of the vagina and the occurrence of rapid orgasm. Their disadvantage is the ability to disperse a man who must perform several tasks and stick to his cheapest London escort partner's weight.

Cheapest escort London - love art:

The items are in addition to love art love. Of course, good communication is the basis of a satisfactory sex life. Kama Sutra contains a variety of items love, take yourself to choose yourself the one that best suits both cheapest London escort partners.


Cheapest London escort - Position on the side:

Cheapest London escort - experiments in the bedroom is a good idea, especially for couples with a long experience that period of the first strong physical fascination have already passed. If you feel that your sex life has become a bit repetitive and less frequently you fancy any cheapest London escort sexual activity, think about other than the usual positions. For starters try sexual positions that are not too complicated. Kama Sutra Positions for advanced set it later and start with something simple. Position on the side of a position of love, which is worth a try.

Cheapest London escort - What is the position on the side?

One of the less advanced position in the Kama Sutra is the position on the side. While some described types of sexual positions require excellent condition and almost acrobatic abilities on the side of the figure is relatively simple. The starting point can be either classical position and a rider, from which the cheapest London escort partner can smoothly roll over on its side with a partner without interrupting the act of love. Cheapest London escortpartner holds a partner in her arms, her legs wrapped around his hips. Mouth cheapest London escort lovers are at the same height, so they can easily exchange kisses, without interrupting intercourse. Cheapest London escort partners can also make eye contact, which adds spice to the sexual position (CHEAPEST LONDON ESCORT).

Cheapest London escort - love:

While some items are a bit tiresome love for man, the figure on the side of his back and hands can relax. Also for cheapest London escort women, this position may be more comfortable than the classic ratio on the back. Position love on the side, however, has one downside for cheapest London escort women: your partner's body weight on one leg can be at least unpleasant and even painful.


Cheapest escorts London - Pros and cons of position on the side:

Cheapest escorts London - sexual Each item has its own strengths and weaknesses. It is no different in the case of positions on the side. Its main advantage is the fact that it is a little tiring for cheapest escorts London partners, because neither of them needs to prop up his hands. Many men who have problems with premature ejaculation praises for himself on the side, because it helps to prolong intercourse. When pleasure is longer, an orgasm is much more intense. Another advantage of this position is the possibility of obtaining by Mr highly exciting view cheapest escorts Londonpartner from behind. As a result, when a man propped up on one elbow, standing on the side gives a substitute for items from the back, to which many cheapest escorts London women have objections. An additional flavor lateral position is the possibility of greater stimulation of the penis by acheapest escorts London partner who combines his leg by the vaginal muscles can lead to the boil lover. Extremely stimulating for both partners jestuprawianie sex with her face turned toward the other cheapest escorts London person. Then you can look yourself in the eye, kiss and fondle each other. Many cheapest escorts London women at the position on the side likes to CHEAPEST ESCORTS LONDON partner stimulates the clitoris, while men prefer a petting testicles and penis. Importantly, this position makes a cheapest escorts London woman has an effect on the penetration depth, which contributes to increased comfort of mind. This attitude is very passionate, but also relaxing. The only downside is, already mentioned, the problem of the burden of partner resting on one of the legs cheapest escorts London partner, which may cause the sensation of pain. But for a man this sexual position can be a kind of a challenge, especially if his penis is too big.

Cheapest escorts London - Standing position:

Sex can be full of inspiration, but we know that not all sexual positions are easy to make. Some require great physical condition and flexibility. To try out certain items love, you should have some experience in the ars amandi, as exemplified by the standing position. Such a position to sex is not only relatively difficult, but demanding in terms of the relationship between the cheapest escorts London partners. They must have to trust each other and feel each other really well, that sexual intercourse was fully successful. Such sexual activity is very exciting and suitable for the so-called. "Quickie".

Cheapest escorts London - more vigorous movements:

Cheapest escorts London partner may have a problem with the entry into partner is also forced to perform more vigorous movements of the hips. Position on the side is not particularly complicated, but it can be a pleasant surprise. If the cheapest escorts London partner during sexual intercourse additionally stimulates the clitoris, the chances of orgasm in cheapest London escorts women are greater. Also for the men standing on the side it is highly exciting. If you still have not tried, it's time to do it.


London escorts outcall - How a standing position?

London escorts outcall - standing position is one of many positions described in the Kama Sutra. If you do not have much sexual experience, start by trying more simple positions sex.

London escorts outcall - sexual experience:

In time, you'll be able to go to the next stage and try other positions, for example standing. Just remember that in addition to the physical act sex feelings are important. Do not treat the game as the Kama Sutra andLondon escorts outcall sex positions as the mission in computer games. Focus on a quest to ensure that sexual contact was more rewarding. Amorous dalliance standing can be performed in the following orientations:

London escorts outcall - standing position from the front:

• Sexual standing position from the front - the partners are directed to each other facing the body and look yourself in the eye; difficulty for intimate caresses and sex in this position can be a big difference in size between theLondon esacorts outcall partners, because in such a situation, it is recommended that a London esacorts outcall woman stood on a chair, stool or pillows not high, possibly a man can slightly bend your knees; urozmaiceniom sex in the sexual position is change the slope of the bodies of the London esacorts outcall lovers, the speed of movements and spacing of the legs; sex in this arrangement can also spice up the body przyparciem mistress to the wall - this is liked by many LONDON ESCORTS OUTCALL people the situation, because it allows for a real closeness between London esacorts outcall lovers;

London escorts outcall - position standing back:

• Sexual position standing back - this item allows London esacorts outcall partners to deep penetration, and thus increases the sexual sensations (in the case of the London esacorts outcall woman is stimulated particularly the rear wall of the vagina; source of experience for a man is strong stimulation of the penis, resulting narrowly gaping vagina); in the standing position back home activity belongs to the man who can stimulate and fondle speed of the London esacorts outcall woman's breasts; partner role is limited to change the angle of the torso and legs deployment; This item can vary by changing the speed of thrust, the penetration depth and the slope of the body;

London escorts outcall - position on the standing of maintaining women:

• Sexual position on the standing of maintaining London esacorts outcall women - sex in this position can be grown by the London esacorts outcall partners of varying heights, because it reduces the maintenance of a London esacorts outcall woman by a man; sex in this arrangement requires extraordinary performance from the man, because he has not only to do push, but above all, keep the body partner; problems with sex in this position may appear, if a man complains of back pain, and your London esacorts outcall partner is relatively heavy; to facilitate sex in this position, the man can resist London esacorts outcall partner against the wall.


London escort outcalls - Sex positions during pregnancy:

London escort outcalls - sex positions during pregnancy must be safe and comfortable for London escort outcalls women. It is important that during sex to avoid items that could compress on the abdomen. Close up of an intimate between London escort outcalls partners should be based on proximity and discovering their own needs. If the pregnancy is going well and the doctor does not prohibit a London escort outcalls woman sexual relations, sex during pregnancy is fully permitted, prospective parents can enjoy sex for almost nine months. You only need to know the proper and safe position for pregnant LONDON ESCORT OUTCALLS women.

London escort outcalls - Sex during pregnancy:

Pregnancy is a journey for nine months, during which a woman's body is subject to many changes, both physical and hormonal. Sex in pregnancy is a wonderful experience. Thanks London escort outcalls woman relaxes and felt orgazmyrozluźniają her amazing in a good mood and positive impact also on the child. Sexual intercourse during pregnancy is prohibited only if there are vaginal bleeding if a woman is at high-risk pregnancy or when one partner has a sexually transmitted disease. Belly of a pregnant London escort outcalls woman is constantly growing, growing, which may cause some inconvenience during sexual contact. Some couples during pregnancy, London escort outcalls women prefer classic sexual positions. Unfortunately, they may pose certain difficulties. It is therefore in the life of a little experiment and find an erotic poses tions love to "work" for both the London escort outcalls woman and the man and the best fit to the changing body partner.

London escort outcalls - sufficient protection:

The child in the womb is ensured sufficient protection, so prospective parents need not worry that will make your baby the pain during sex. Sex during pregnancy is to be adapted to a changing body London escort outcalls partner. It can be fun and bonding experience for both partners. Be sure to open and honest communication. Partner should know that any sexual position is for a London escort outcalls woman to make her uncomfortable or painful. Having sex at the end of pregnancy can be difficult, especially for London escort outcalls women, because then you will want to put on oral sex or erotic massage.


Outcall London escort - Positions for pregnant women:

Outcall London escort - sex life during pregnancy can be a bit difficult. Here the question arises: what sexual positions during pregnancy are the best? The answer to this depends on two factors: the one in which month of pregnancy is a outcall London escort woman and on whether her pregnancy is not compromised. Below you will find descriptions of sexual positions that are most enjoyable for outcall London escort women.

Outcall London escort - woman on top:

This item allows you to adjust the depth of sexual penetration and most of the movements. This outcall London escort woman determines the speed and depth of penetration. This item outcall London escort partner sitting on the man addressed him first. Knees are placed on both sides of his torso - OUTCALL LONDON ESCORT.


Outcalls London escorts - Spoon:

Outcalls London escorts - love this item takes its name from the shape of objects assembled together outcalls London escorts partners. This item lovers lie on the side, their faces pointing in the same direction, the man is an outcalls London escorts woman. Partner enters the outcalls London escorts woman from behind. It does not cause any pressure on the stomach and allows for shallow penetration. Many outcalls London escorts women find this position very sexual for a release.

Outcalls London escorts - On all fours:

This is a very good position for pregnant OUTCALLS LONDON ESCORTS women because of the lack of direct pressure of body weight man on the outcalls London escorts woman's abdomen. If the tummy partner is already well rounded and fairly big, you can gently rest it on the bed. Outcalls London escorts woman kneeling, leaning on his knees and hands, and her partner penetrates from behind.


London escort agency - kneeling position:

London escort agency partner takes a comfortable position on the edge of the bed and put your feet on the floor. Thighs involves a man who kneels before her. This position allows fondling the buttocks and breasts. It is liked by both London escort agency lovers who have an impact on the depth of the movements and their speed.

London escort agency - Love seat:

London escort agency woman sitting on a man's lap and cuddles up to him. It rubs against the buttocks of his hips. In turn, he fondles her breasts, inner thighs and back.

London escort agency - Creativity partners:

Creativity London escort agency partners regarding their sexual life usually has a positive effect on sex after childbirth. London escort agency lovers are close to each other, learn about each other's needs and expectations. It builds a strong bond. Sex during pregnancy can provide pleasure and fulfillment. Just that will be adapted to the changing shape of the LONDON ESCORT AGENCY female body.

London escort agency - Fetish - what is it?

What is a sexual fetish? Is it a harmless quirk, or evidence of personality disorder? What are the most common fetishes? Read the following text and learn more about it.

London escort agency - What is a fetish?

About fetish we say when a London escort agency person sustains a strong excitement at the sight or when associating with some object or having erotic obsession parts of the body that is not regarded as a sex object (eg. Feet, ears). Often without an object of fantasy to achieve satisfaction and orgasm it is not possible. Fetishist sometimes masturbate touching, smelling or tasting the item or ask a partner or London escort agency partner eg. The assumption of some pieces of clothing during approximation (stockings, red pins).

London escort agency - The most common fetishes:

Fetish object can be just about anything. The most popular are: parts of the London escort agency body (mainly foot), body shapes (eg. Obesity), piercings or tattoos. High on the list are also London escort agency body fluids and hair. Fetishes may also be touching any material, for example leather or fur.


London escorts agencies - Is fetish is something wrong?

London escorts agencies - if the fetish is not associated with coercing and hurting the other person or does not disturb the public order, and the occasion will please - it's hard to talk about it as a disorder. However, in some cases, London escorts agencies fetishes achieve such a high degree that may be considered deviant. The disorder also provides eg. A sense of guilt during sexual "ritual" or awareness that fetish out of control and there is no way to control it (the habit).

London escorts agencies - relationships:

Fetish can also affect relationships, for example, a person can not be in the ordinary compound or excites her London escorts agencies partner in itself. What to do in such a situation? Alone it is difficult to control himself. When London escorts agencies fetish becomes a problem with the defense sexological therapy.

London escorts agencies - How to caress the penis lips - tips:

Look how he does it. If you do not know which rhythm caress him, first take a look at how he does it, whether it himself masturbating, or moving with you. And then try to imitate the mouth of these movements. Of course you can throw in something from each other, but each time carefully observe his reactions - LONDON ESCORTS AGENCIES.

London escorts agencies - Take care of hydration:

Do not try to fondle penis dry, because You shall make him pain. Before you take it to his lips, moisten it with saliva or lubricant (edible) or water. For best results, you drink before you sip mint tea or suck on a mint. By joining to perform London escorts agencies oral sex, you should have a moist mouth and tongue. This is yet another benefit - less is the risk of bites.

London escorts agencies - risk of bites:

This is yet another benefit - less is the risk of bites (London escorts agencies).


Best escort London - Change positions:

Best escort London - and here you have a huge range of possibilities. You probably known position "69", but it is not at all the most suitable. Mainly because in this arrangement best escort London partners, it is difficult to focus on the experiencing of pleasure, and at the same time achieving orgasm is even harder. And yes, you can pamper your best escort Londonpartner's penis, kneeling in front of him when he stands. You can sit on a chair, while he stands in front of you. In turn, he can sit in a chair or on a chair and you lean over it. You can do in various orientations, different places - on the floor, in bed, in the shower, in the privacy of their own bedroom or in nature.

Best escort London - Do not limit yourself only to caress the penis:

Also stimulating surroundings, especially the scrotum. Wetting the kernel saliva, suck them, play with them his busy tongue. You can even lightly biting them, but do so gently. Note - not the same nuclei are erogenous zone men, but scrotum, in which they are fitted. Do not forget the perineum - the place between the base of the penis and the anus. Lover caressing language, you can at one point very carefully rub your finger around his anus and, if it does not have anything against it, try to put his finger to his ass. There, at a distance of approx. 4 cm from the entrance, it has its sensitive point (P), the equivalent of your point G. However, if you encounter minimal resistance even a best escort London partner, not again and again test. Some men do not like such experiments.

Best escort London - Accelerate:

Start to lick and suck the penis gently, slowly, gradually increasing the strength of stimulation (best escort London ).

Best escort London - sexual activity:

Oral caresses are probably the most intimate sexual activity, demanding a full, mutual acceptance best escort London partners, both emotional and physical imagination tells lots of ways to use the mouth and tongue in erotic love. The strongest emotion is, however, fondling the genitals. Kissing or licking the clitoris, labia or the vaginal opening is called cunnilingus, caressing the penis and testicles that fellatio.

Best escort London - believed:

It is believed that oral caresses can give unmatched satisfaction to both the recipient and the donor, only under the condition that you are very close. It is hard to imagine a maximum satisfying, uninhibited oral sex with a contingent ground floor. It's great fun for two best escort London people in love who are already familiar speech of their bodies and have no secrets from each other. Then in this way can mutually arouse sexual sensitivity and bring your BEST ESCORT LONDON partner to orgasm exceptional. So do not rush to the oral debut. You need to be absolutely certain that you want it just with that best escort London partner.

Best escort London - oral sex:

Sometimes the very young, traditionally behaved, best escort London women treat oral sex as a legitimate substitute for a "normal" sex, a way to preserve the hymen. Meanwhile, it also oral sex sex. This kind of erotic love does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases.


Best London escorts - Fear of ejaculation

Best London escorts women aware of the danger they are afraid of contracting. And indeed such a risk, moderate, exists. You can imagine small abrasions in the mouth (even by intensive cleaning of teeth) as a potential gate for the virus. Security fellatio increases significantly when you use a condom or not you allow to ejaculation in the mouth. Statistics are silent on cases of infection during cunnilingus, although vaginal discharge may also contain the virus. At the same time, doctors emphasize that the danger increases when a woman is caressed in this way during menstruation (even if the bleeding is very limited). For most best London escorts lovers but oral sex during the period does not seem tempting.

Best London escorts - effective protection:

It is worth to remind that the most effective protection is mutual fidelity best London escorts partners. It happens that a woman who even likes fondling and oral sex is not afraid of seek, resigns from this form of erotic intimacy, because the thought of admitting to ejaculation in the mouth, it is not acceptable. In such a situation, the solution is simple: talking with yourbest London escorts partner. Oral sex does not have to end in orgasm. Sometimes way to stimulate best London escorts partners and preparation for vaginal ratio, or petting.

Best London escorts - When the smell bothers:

Many best London escorts people have inhibition primarily because of fear that their scent does not like your best London escorts partner, or his scent will prove to be unacceptable. Probably will be before figlami take a shared bath. Do not exaggerate with cosmetics: their taste is sometimes unpleasant, may also cause sensitization. Clean the body usually smells wonderful, exciting, considered one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs. Fresh vaginal secretions and semen also should not reject. If you do not like your smell, you may have a fungal or bacterial infection. Visit a gynecologist, go to necessary treatment and everything will return to normal.

Best London escorts - sexual relations:

It is believed that the smell of sperm depends on the diet, age man, etc. At the same time, some important solids sperm impart a characteristic, invariant properties. Similarly, in the case of a healthy vaginal discharge. If you do not you get your pleasure from mutual tasting and sniffing, it makes no sense to force. It can affect any sexual relations - BEST LONDON ESCORTS.

Best London escorts - opinions:

In the opinion of Chichester B., Robinson K, authors of the book "Secrets of sex. Explained one hundred percent man" about its existence men can discover during the examination of the prostate. Sometimes it happens that during the study, patients experience strong erection, over which it is very difficult to control (best London escorts).


London escort service - 69 Overrated?

London escort service - receiving and giving pleasure at the same time usually is extremely difficult. It is not easy to focus on the precise fondlingLondon escort service partner when approaching orgasm. At the same time, you can lose a lot, unable to concentrate on watching a loved one who makes pleasure. Giving it can also be extremely exciting, rewarding. Position 69, which allows simultaneous fellatio and cunnilingus, it seems very tempting and certainly worth a try. At the same time, many couples are choosing alternating the role of donor and recipient.

London escort service - informing each other:

If you are so close to bestow a caress oral probably you will not have problems with informing each other, what makes you the most London escort service pleasure. The intensity and caressing manner is an individual matter. Make sure that you give pleasure, and not inflict pain. Remember that mutual affection, trust and understanding is the simplest way to sexual satisfaction. You will learn from each other more, than of the finest guides ars amandi.

London escort service - pleasure:

It is widely accepted that the most sensitive and susceptible to the petting area of ​​the male body are primarily genitals. And there is a lot wrong, but erogenous points, like London escort service women, are scattered throughout the body. In theory, every piece of leather, which is supplied with blood vessels and nerve endings should "react" to caress. Unfortunately this is not so simple. While in the case of women, this "sensitive" area represents as much as 15 percent. This area in men is her only 3 percent.

London escort service - Firstly, neck, ears, neck:

A large group of men like when your London escort service partner caresses and kisses them neck and neck. This form of "stimulating" releases endorphins, which is a hormone of happiness. If the neck is worth a lot of attention paid to the skin just below the jaw and around the Adam's apple. In these parts, it is particularly sensitive and prone to caress.

London escort service - erogenous zone:

Ears are fairly specific erogenous zone. They like to be not only kissed, but gently nibbling. It happens that the "noise" that appears during approximation partner act as a caress, so if a man makes them listen to a lot of fun is not worth it to hold back - LONDON ESCORT SERVICE.


London escorts services - Second, mouth, lips and nipples:

London escorts services - in the human oral cavity, there are two types of receptors. Ruffini and Meissner corpuscles are very sensitive and very heavily receive stimuli. Equally heavily innervated and sensitive is the language. One of the elements of a successful sex is suitable relaxation. It can be accessed gently massaging the skin around the temple. Equally effective is the so-called massage. hooded muscle. Some men really appreciate fondling surrounding areas, as well as warts. But it should prove a big delicacy and sensitivity, because very easily, instead of London escorts services pleasure, cause pain.

London escorts services - delicate organs:

Within the penis is very sensitive most points. One of them, called by some researchers point H, it is the tip of the penis, and it is the most sensitive. Next seam stretches the scrotum and groin. This highly sensitive area lies between the root of the member until the scrotal sac. Next stop is the frenulum. This loose skin can be localized at the contact point of the glans penis shaft. Deep stimulation of these areas, and in fact the whole penis is possible, and at the same time simplest during oral sex. Here, however, the case is extremely sensitive for both sides. A large part of London escorts services women do not feel comfortable in such situations, among others, because of fear that can damage so delicate organs.

London escorts services - Where is the G-spot?

Well, men have it too! In the opinion of specialists it is in the anal area, just a few centimeters from the anal sphincter and that its stimulation can provide unusual sensations. The most satisfying is that when your London escorts services partner slips a finger into the rectum (to a depth of five centimeters) and slowly bend it. In this case, as with oral sex case it is quite delicate. Part of the men may not wish for this form of stimulation.

London escorts services - G spot:

However, if you really want to try to find that magic "G spot" can be deep - but not too tight - oppress the perineum (the area between the scrotum and the anus). It is a place very much innervated, because its stimulation can check in for a great treat - LONDON ESCORTS SERVICES.

London escorts services - asking:

Ask your London escorts services partner that he directed our movements.


Escort London - female orgasm:

Escort London - not so long ago supposed to be the guarantor of the escort London female orgasm. Dethroned by the clitoris, it seems to be moving away into oblivion. Scientists still do not agree on whether there is, and what role it plays in sex. It should bother the head, according to manyescort London women since it was he who allows them to vaginal orgasm? In the eighties of the last century in almost every, serious tutorial of sex could be found not only information about Section G, but also detailed instructions on how and where to look for it. Solo and in duet. Especially the Americans seemed to make the bed from him success.

Escort London - vaginal orgasm:

With time, more and more boldly but there were voices that vaginal orgasm, which would lead just teasing the G-spot, with proper stimulation or select an item may have an external source and internal (read: Clitoris - the key to female orgasm). Numerous research and survey again confirmed the existence of the G spot, then again undermined. Eventually dispel doubts were published four years ago the results of research in King's College London under the direction of Andrea Burri, genetics, and also ekspertki of clinical psychology - ESCORT LONDON.

Escort London - external source:

Doctor, examining 900 pairs of twins, argued that the G-spot is a myth, a figment. She convinced? Not necessarily. Is different opinion sisters twins, biologically identical, this evidence? Yes, but not for ladies who with the help of the G-spot derive joy of escort London sex.

Escort London - Kamasutra found!

Eve Żeromska, sexologist and family counselor, on our website assured: "Searching for a point, which is to guarantee an orgasm, it seems to me a huge misunderstanding. No escort London woman has some sort of magic button, which when pressed triggers waves in the unearthly delight." But it is sought after for centuries and not an invention of our time, nor the effect of fashion from the period of the sexual revolution.

Escort London - big G-spot:

Numerous research and survey again confirmed the existence of the big G spot, then again undermined (escort London).


London escorts - Kamasutra:

London escorts - more than 1,000 years ago Kamasutra described a "holy point" in the vagina as a very important way to tantric bliss. In 1944, a German gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg described the point on the front wall of the vagina as an exceptionally sensitive to sexual stimuli. Just from the first letters of his name used: London escorts G-spot

London escorts - Where to look?

G-spot is to be located on the front wall of the vagina, at a distance from 2.5 to 5 cm from the entrance. At rest, that is, when the woman is not sexually aroused, it is tiny, usually no bigger than a grain of pepper. Under the influence of sexual stimuli may, however, become twice as large. Its surface is more rough, rough on the assumption smooth surface of the vagina - LONDON ESCORTS.

London escorts - G-spot sensitivity:

Apparently, the G-spot sensitivity is dependent on the phase of a London escorts woman's cycle. So, if you plan to check whether you have one and are you when it is cherished, select the fertile days for the first time. Usually gentle stroking it caresses that make the greatest London escorts pleasure. With time can be intense.

London escorts - uncontrolled:

Irritation neighborhoods where you want the G-point, threatens uncontrolled loosening of urine (due to the proximity of the bladder). Thus, before starting the tests better to use the toilet. London escorts ladies fearing his reaction and sexually stunted American sexologists recommend that the first attempts at solo, for example. In the bath (read about masturbation).

London escorts - rider position:

When compared with the G-spot is stimulated in the "rear". How convinces Violetta Nowacka, sexologist, psychotherapist, works also position a rider with strong inclination to the rear. For some London escorts women is the primary way to achieve a vaginal orgasm.


Escorts London - achieving orgasm:

Escorts London - research suggests that even a 20- 30 percent escorts London women have difficulty in achieving orgasm. Some experience it only rarely or under specific conditions, eg. During masturbation. Which usually stands in the way of escorts London pleasure?

Escorts London - reaching orgasm:

Escorts London women who have difficulty reaching orgasm, they may simply not know their "own land" - writes "The Sun". If you do not know your body, your escorts London partner will also be difficult to fathom.

Escorts London - chaotic wander:

Both have found themselves on foreign territory without a guide, and your approximation resemble the chaotic wander? To explore the unknown area, you can go on a scout in erogenous zones - alone - ESCORTS LONDON.


London escorts - masturbation:

London escorts - what is this proposal? Some London escorts women have a mental block against masturbation - mark experts. It is possible that you feel intimidated just thinking about exploring your own London escorts body or those collapsed in memory discourage autoerotic behavior in childhood.

London escorts - type of positions:

"London escorts women's bodies are hidden layers of guilt and shame" - says Kathleen Rees, consultant with Coupleworks.co.uk. Rees argues London escorts ladies to catch up with itself and checking what type of stimulation (position, force) for not working, and what not. "

London escorts - experience:

For some London escorts women the most pleasant experience will be a source of stimulation of the clitoris. For others, caressing the labia, the region of the cervix, the G-spot, nipple or skin behind the ear "- he added - LONDON ESCORTS.








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